IonShop - Ionic 6 Angular Capacitor Full App Template for e-commerce based apps + admin panel

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IonShop is a complete solution to create an e-commerce app for Android, iOS, and the web.

Our solution is suitable for Fashion, Electronics, Grocery, and Restaurants. Using this platform store owners and developers will save a lot of time and money. If you don’t have technical skills, we offer installation services so you can focus on managing your store and increasing your sales.

This starter comes with an Admin portal, a web-based solution where store owners can manage and view orders, items, categories, categories, slider images, customers, shipping zones and send push notifications to customers.

App Features

  • Sign In/ Sign Up + Social Login

  • Password recovery

  • Homepage Slider

  • Filter Items by Categories/Subcategories

  • Add products to Cart

  • Place orders

  • Calculate Shipping Fee after Zone/Subzone selection

  • Account Management (Payment, Addresses, Profile, Change Password, Logout)

  • Order List/Details

  • Wishlist/Favorites

  • Search Items by keywords

  • Payments with Credit Card (via Stripe) or Cash

  • Multi-language

  • PWA support

  • SEO Friendly

  • View Items On Sale, Featured, and New Arrival.

  • Push Notifications

Admin Portal Features

  • Manage Orders, View Order Details, Update Order Status

  • Manage Categories/Subcategories

  • Manage Zones/Subzones

  • Manage Users/Customers, Block Customers.

  • Manage Slider Images

  • Send Push Notifications

  • Manage Config (Contact, Stripe, Email Notifications, Push Notifications)

  • Update Password

  • Login/Logout

  • Password Recovery

  • Email Alerts for new orders


Test card

  • Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

  • CVC: Any

  • Date: Any future date


  • App Source Code

  • Admin Portal Source Code

  • Documentation

Technical Details

Ionic framework is an open-source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic is focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your app. Cordova is a platform to build Native Mobile Applications using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

The backend was built with Node.js, MongoDB, Angular, and Express.


4.0.2 – 11 / Feb / 2022

  • Bug fixes

4.0.0 – 09 / Feb / 2022

Mobile App:

  • BREAKING CHANGE - Migration to Capacitor 3 πŸš€

  • NEW - Gallery View (PhotoSwipe) for item pictures

  • NEW - One Signal support

  • NEW - Ability to close the app by pressing the back button twice (Android)

  • NEW - Notification view

  • UPDATE - Angular 13

  • UPDATE - Ionic 6

  • UPDATE - Stripe SDK

  • UPDATE - Ionic Storage

  • UPDATE - Parse SDK JS (3.4)

  • UPDATE - Remove ion-slides in favor of using swiper directly

  • UPDATE - Improve lazy-loading images

  • UPDATE - Improve push notifications

  • UPDATE - Bug fixes and performance improvements

Admin Portal / API:

  • NEW Admin Portal built with Angular 13, TailwindCSS, and Angular Material. Enjoy πŸš€πŸŒπŸ”₯

  • NEW - Stripe refund API

  • NEW - DigitalOcean App Platform support

  • NEW - DigitalOcean Spaces support

  • UPDATE - Parse Server 5.0.0

  • UPDATE - dependencies

  • UPDATE - Better error handling

  • UPDATE - Optimize Dockerfil

  • FIX - Set Facebook profile picture

  • FIX - Bug fixes and performance improvements

3.1.4 – 26 / Jan / 2021

Mobile App:

  • Update Angular 11.1.0

  • Update Ionic 5.5.2

  • Update ngx-stripe

  • Update Parse SDK JS 2.19.0

  • Improve change language

  • Improve Facebook login

  • Add zoom for product images

  • Improve images lazy-loading

  • Update dependencies and cordova plugins

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Admin Portal:

  • Update Parse Server 4.5.0

  • Update dependencies

3.1.3 – 17/Aug/2020

Mobile App:

  • Show "Not Available" label on Item page

  • Fix search

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Admin Portal:

  • NEW App Layout Editor

  • Added "Not Available" field to Items

  • Added ability to enable/disable social login

  • Improve Heroku support

  • Added ability to delete notifications

  • Filter order list by status

  • Fix coupon issues

  • Bug fixes

3.1.2 – 01/Aug/2020

Mobile App:

  • Fix Google Login

  • Fix Profile Update

  • Fix minor issues

Admin Portal:

  • Added migration (Job) for old carts

  • Add auth config for Google Login

3.1.1 – 31/Jul/2020

Mobile App:

  • Fix Cart expiration

  • Bug fixes

Admin Portal:

  • Added ability to link a brand, category or subcategory to a specific slide image

  • Added ability to link a brand, category or subcategory to a specific push notification

  • Added ability to send push notifications to a specific customer

  • Bug fixes

3.1.0 – 30/Jul/2020

Mobile App:

  • Coupons! Enjoy πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Apple Sign In support

  • Fixed item search by tags or name

  • Improved cart/checkout

  • Improved notifications

  • Improved Guest mode

  • Added the ability to enter the quantity on the item page

  • Added the ability to set a card/address as default

  • Show auth modal in the checkout page if Guest Checkout is disabled

  • Show tracking info and cancellation reason in the order details

  • Fix ion-slides auto-play when the customer returns to the home page

  • UX improvements and bug fixes

  • Update to Ionic 5.3.1

  • Update to Parse SDK 2.15.0

  • Update to cordova-android 9.0.0 and cordova-ios 6.1.0

  • Updated dependencies and native plugins

Admin Portal:

  • Coupons management! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ This new module is a robust marketing solution that will increase the engagement and sales of your store. It supports minimum/maximum order amount, min/max date, usage limits (global and per customer), free shipping, and restrictions by customers (new, existing, account required), products, brands, categories, and subcategories.

  • Added the ability to enable/disable payment methods

  • Added the ability to enable/disable Guest Checkout

  • Added the ability to assign multiple categories/subcategories to items

  • Added the ability to set a global minimum/maximum order amount

  • Added the ability to update the customer status (active or banned)

  • Added the ability to set the tracking number and carrier when the order status changes to "Shipped Out"

  • Added the ability to set a cancellation reason when the order status changes to "Cancelled"

  • Improved cart / order validations

  • Improved translations

  • Improved zones module

  • Improved order email templates. Now you have the option to set a different template for each order status.

  • Improved order push notifications. Now you have the option to set a different push message for each order status.

  • Improved App Config

  • Support zero-decimal currencies (Stripe)

  • Order logs support

  • Update Parse Server to 4.3.0

3.0.0 – 02/Mar/2020

Mobile App:

  • Update to Ionic 5.0.0 and Angular 9 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Improved currency and locale support

  • Improved performance

  • Improved search

  • Improved Facebook Login

  • Updated dependencies and native plugins

  • Google Login support

  • Cart expiration support

  • General improvements and bug fixes

Admin Portal:

  • Added background worker to handle carts expiration

  • Added ability to enable/disable email verifications

  • Added ability to customize password resets and email verifications

  • Added user permissions

  • Added a dedicated page to view admins and customers

  • Improved Order email templates

  • Improved language and currency support

  • General improvements and bug fixes

2.5.3 – 23/Aug/2019

Mobile App:

  • Improvement: Update to Ionic 4.8.0

  • Improvement: Optimize home page speed

  • Improvement: Optimize filter modal

  • Fix: Several minor fixes

Admin Portal:

  • Fix: Update user password

2.5.2 – 08/Aug/2019

Mobile App:

  • Improvement: Optimize *ngFor with trackBy

  • Improvement: Optimize home page speed

  • Improvement: Update to Ionic 4.7.4

  • Improvement: Update ng-lazyload-image package

  • Improvement: Optimize filter and search

  • Fix: Sort by net price instead of price

  • Fix: Item gallery issue

  • Fix: IonRefresher bug

  • Fix: Several minor fixes

Admin Portal:

  • Improvement: Optimize responsive design

  • Improvement: Add net price field to items

  • Improvement: Optimize product ratings

  • Improvement: Add ability to assign multiple categories to each brand

  • Fix: Sort by net price instead of price

2.5.1 – 05/Aug/2019

  • Bug fixes

2.5.0 – 05/Aug/2019

Mobile App:

  • New: Product ratings

  • New: Live search

  • New: Brands module

  • New: Pages (CMS) module

  • New: Add ability to filter and sort items

  • New: Variations support

  • New: Related items

  • New: Guest checkout

  • Improvement: UI / UX for both Desktop and Mobile view

  • Improvement: Update to Ionic 4.7.0

  • Improvement: Angular 8 support

  • Improvement: Cordova 9 support

  • Improvement: Cordova-Android 8.0.0 and Cordova-iOS 5.0.0 support

  • Improvement: FCM Support for push notifications

  • Improvement: Enhanced Angular Routing

  • Improvement: Update all cordova plugins to the latest version

  • Improvement: Remove Browser Tab in favor of SafariViewController

  • Bug fix: Typescript issues

  • Bug fix: Several minor fixes

Admin Portal:

  • New: Order confirmation for customer by mail

  • New: Product tags (used for live search)

  • New: Manage variations and related items

  • New: Manage brands

  • New: Manage pages

  • New: Manage reviews

  • New: Ability to sort items by rating average

  • Improvement: Add ability to preview item featured image

  • Improvement: Add ability to reorder item gallery images

  • Improvement: Updated front-end/back-end dependencies

  • Bug fix: Fix server-side login to allow multiple logged admin users

  • Bug fix: Several minor fixes

1.0.0 - 27/Feb/2019

  • Initial release

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  • Ionic
  • Angular
  • Stripe
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Backend/API
  • Social Login
  • Ionic6.0.0
  • Angular13.0.0
  • StripeYes
  • Cash on DeliveryYes
  • Backend/APIYes
  • Social LoginYes


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IonShop - Ionic 6 Angular Capacitor Full App Template for e-commerce based apps + admin panel

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